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Ear Wax Removal Specialist Clinic Central London - From £85

Open 24 hours, 7 days a week. Same day visits available.

Ear Wax Removal Specialist Clinic Central London - From £85

Located near Bond Street, W1 – we provide instant relief to ear pain, loss of hearing and tinnitus (constant ringing) with our comprehensive ear wax removal service for adults and children.

We use the latest ENT grade endoscopic microsuction technology for a precise, safe and painless removal service undertaken by accredited and award-winning audiologists.

Find us on Wigmore Street, a short walk from Bond Street station. If you can’t make it to us, we also offer home visits.

Available 24 hours a day. 7 days a week.

Why use audiologists and microsuction?

The benefit of using audiologists to undertake ear wax removal versus GPs (or similar) is on the occasion no ear wax is found, audiologists are able to perform additional investigations which can lead to a diagnosis and solution within the same visit.

There is a small chance that if your ear blockage is not caused by ear wax, it may be a sudden sensorineural hearing loss. In such circumstances, there is roughly a 50% chance of hearing reverting to normal within the first two weeks if diagnosed and treated swiftly. By having audiologists examine ears, patients maximise their chances of saving their hearing.

The microsuction procedure involves gentle suction of ear wax using a fine endoscopic probe to remove blockages which is proven to be the safest, painless and most comfortable method of cleaning ears compared to the likes of syringing and irrigation.


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    "I Can Hear Perfectly Again"
    It was really really quick and not painful at all. Showed me a photo after the treatment and the wax was completely removed, pretty amazing. I can hear perfectly again.

    Jose Menor
    (Google Review, 2021)


    E-microsuction ear wax removal by accredited audiologists (for both ears)



    Same day emergency (9pm - 7am): £185



    Same day emergency (9pm - 6am): £195


    Under 6 years: £150

    6-13 years: £120

    Home Visits

    7 days a week from £180

    How It Works

    Three Simple Steps For Instant Relief



    Get in touch to book an appointment. Typically, we can see you straight away.

    We Examine & Remove Wax

    Our audiologists will examine and remove ear wax through gentle and painless e-microsuction procedure.

    Instant Relief & Follow Up

    Experience instant relief after the process. We will provide a complimentary follow-up appointment to analyse progress.

    Precise, safe and painless e-microsuction service


    What Our Patients Say

    Google rating 5.0 - Based on 32 reviews

    Very Professional

    I am an A&E doctor working in the NHS, and had quite a wax buildup in both ears. I needed an emergency ear wax removal as it was affecting my hearing and this is exactly what verified hearing provided. It was very professional and Mr. Otana did a wonderful job, and has stable hands. I am very satisfied and impressed.

    Chandani Sharma
    (Google Review, 2021)

    Five Star Service

    I’m so pleased that we found this place! I was in agony and needed an appointment at short notice on a Saturday – Mijana was brilliant, he was so kind and put me at ease.

    Five star service and all fixed in 20 mins! I couldn’t recommend him enough.

    Steph Shepherd
    (Google Review, 2021)

    Back To My Normal Life

    I booked on the same day ear wax removal and the specialist came in to my home a couple of hours later. He was professional and really respectful. The operation took a couple of minutes and now I can hear again! My blocked ear was hurting and prevented me from enjoying my daily activities but I am back to my normal life!

    Ilyès Benmansour
    (Google Review, 2021)


    Ear microsuction can be likened to an ear vacuum. It is essentially the process of cleaning out your ear wax safely with a suction machine whilst using a microscope as the primary viewing equipment. The suction machine is used at calibrated pressure levels to remove ear wax safely from your ears. “Micro” refers to the microscope used to look into your ears during this procedure, while “suction” refers to the machine used to draw out the ear wax, hence “microsuction”.

    Endoscopic wax removal is a more advanced option for looking into your ears during ear cleaning as it provides a real-time view of your ears. We always offer our customers endoscopic wax removal as a first option because it is the most advanced technique. Most of our clients enjoy seeing the video recording of the ear cleaning process. We use our CE-marked endoscope called VerifEYEd View.

    Typically, patients ears are cleaned in approximately 30 minutes. Once complete, patients experience instant relief from the respective issue.

    There is a fundamental difference between ear syringing and ear irrigation, although these terms are often interchangeably used. Ear syringing refers to the use of a manual syringe and water to remove ear wax. Ear irrigation involves removing ear wax using an ear irrigation machine. This machine uses water to dislodge ear wax at a safe pressure level. Ear syringing is no longer recommended.

    The consensus amongst professional ear wax removers is that removing ear wax with a suction machine is the safest option. However, there are cases where ear wax irrigation or using other instruments for ear wax removal is appropriate, especially when performed with the correct equipment.

    Ear cleaning is no longer one of the core services GPs are obliged to provide. The general advice is to use olive oil drops to encourage the natural mechanism of the ear canal to remove the wax. While this can get rid of the wax in some cases, impacted ear wax needs to be professionally removed, especially if it is causing a hearing loss, blocked ear sensation, pain or discomfort.

    Recently, patients have reported increased difficulty accessing ear wax removal services in the NHS. Most GP practices or pharmacists do not offer ear cleaning services. While some NHS ear, nose, and throat departments still offer ear cleaning, priority is given to patients with more complex ear-related issues who have ear wax removal as part of their routine treatment. For instance, patients who have had a mastoidectomy in the past are more likely to get free ear wax removal on NHS. Most GPs recommend private ear wax removal for their patients. Usually, you do not need a referral for ear wax removal.

    You can book a same-day appointment with us now!

    The benefit of using audiologists to undertake ear wax removal is if there is no ear wax blockage found audiologists are able to perform additional investigations which can lead to a diagnosis and solution within the same visit.

    Sudden hearing loss is treated as an emergency. If it’s not due to ear wax, typically there is a 50% chance your hearing reverting to normal within the first two weeks if the issue diagnosed swiftly.

    By having audiologists care for your ears you will ensure if there are any issues outside of ear wax blockage, you will maximise the chances for your hearing to revert to normal.

    Tinnitus is a symptom of an underlying condition and not a condition on its own. Hence, there can be various causes of tinnitus, with ear wax being one of them. If ear wax is the cause of your tinnitus, we expect that your tinnitus will go away after your ear wax removal procedure. Otherwise, we will offer you a comprehensive hearing consultation at an additional fee.

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